Providing clients with innovative solutions that achieve results for their business and policy objectives.


Wooden Horse Strategies offers a range of services for your business or organization including governmental relations, analysis, strategic consulting, and polling/focus groups. Our personalized approach to your needs guarantees the quality of the results, in order to overcome the complexity of the task.

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Governmental & Political Services

Political Consulting, Government Relations, Campaign Management

Political Consulting adapting the latest American best practices to Eastern European realities.

Governmental Relations & Public Affairs for clients working in Ukraine, & other countries in the region.

Short & Long Term Campaign Management for candidates, issues, and referendums that bridge cultural gaps.

Analytical Services

Political Risk Analysis, Due Diligence Services      sdfgsdfgsdrtg

Political Risk Analysis for both institutional and private clients that has been quoted by National Public Radio (NPR), The Financial Times and other major media.

Due Diligence Services to ensure you make key decisions with full and insightful knowledge of the real situation and environment.

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications, Social Media Management, & Professional Press Events

Strategic Communications for businesses and individuals specializing in research-driven messages that are effective and persuasive.

Social Media Management to control your image and promote the messages you want to share.

Professional Press Events – including press conferences, releases, announcements, and media pools to ensure the success of your activities is known to your target audiences.

Strategic Sociological Services

Public Opinion Research, Focus Groups, & Analysis with Actionable Recommendations. 

Our research findings have helped shape healthcare policy in Ukraine, elect candidates to office, & improve municipal governance.


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